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Probiotics are known as the “good bacteria” that are normally found in our gut and digestive tract. They serve an important role in supporting our immune system and can even rid the body of certain harmful bacteria that are consumed in our foods. These helping hands are often recommended after or during a course of antibiotics, in efforts to replenish the normal flora of gut bacteria that get wiped away by the antibiotics. Some people have what is considered “leaky gut syndrome” where tiny holes in their digestive system allows good bacteria to escape, which leaves their body susceptible. Most of our foods are treated to get rid of any bugs that may invade them, but this also destroys the probiotics that grow within and leaves us with a lackluster source of probiotics.

Ovarian Cancer


Ovarian Cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer death in the United States. A woman has roughly a 1.3% lifetime chance of developing it. It occurs more commonly in a woman who is 63 years old or older. The symptoms of this type of cancer can be very vague and it is often not until the cancer is more advanced that it is noticed and detected. Signs and symptoms may include abdominal bloating and swelling, weight loss or gain, urinary urgency, and a sensation of being full even if a large meal isn’t consumed. Other vague symptoms can include constipation, upset stomach, or back pain.

There is no routine test for ovarian cancer. A routine pelvic exam would not be useful in detecting an ovarian tumor because it may be very small and is not found. Transvaginal ultrasound may be able to better see a tumor but certainly cannot determine malignancy. There is the CA125 blood test that is often displaying elevated levels in instances of ovarian cancer. However, not all ovarian cancer patients have elevated levels and other women have elevated levels and no cancer is present. Ovarian cysts are a very common occurrence in women particularly during ovulation. If cysts are detected in menopausal women, this is a much greater cause of concern.



Gout is a form of arthritis that often occurs on the joint of the big toe. It occurs suddenly with the affected joint getting very red, swollen, and painful. While the toe is frequently affected because it is the furthest body tissue from the heart and is therefore the coolest part of the body, gout can actually affect other joints as well. Other affected areas include the ankle, heel, knee, wrist, fingers, elbow, and instep. 

Gout occurs when higher than normal uric acid develops in the blood. Uric acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the body from the breakdown of cells as well as in response to certain foods that contain high levels of purines. When the body cannot eliminate enough uric acid through the kidneys the level can increase and in some patients cause symptoms of gout. The higher levels of uric acid can then cause urate crystals to form in a joint and this produces the symptoms of gout. Because uric acid is eliminated by the kidneys, sometimes uric acid crystals can form in the kidney and cause kidney stones.

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This is the way all pharmacies ought to be run. They really know how to treat their customers right. Apothecary has been around for over half a century and its not hard to see why they've survived, and thrived, longer than all the other pharmacies in Naples. Put plainly, there's really no higher level of service in Pharmacy. That's important to everyone.
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