NEW DOWNTOWN LOCATION IS NOW OPEN AT 689 9th Street N.Naples, FL. 34102.




​ Apothecary pharmacy's friendly and knowledgeable staff now has a fabulous new store location. They know each of their regular customers by name, and always welcome new customers with the same warm attitude and smiling faces that have made this pharmacy a hallmark of Naples for over half a century. John, Steve, Pam, Stephanie and Lynette are always there to listen to your questions and provide helpful answers, great service, and friendly conversation (especially Pam). They will even gladly deliver your medicines right to your doorstep! The best!

This Is The Way All Pharmacies Ought To Be Run.

​ This is the way all pharmacies ought to be run. They really know how to treat their customers right. Apothecary has been around for over half a century and its not hard to see why they've survived, and thrived, longer than all the other pharmacies in Naples. Put plainly, there's really no higher level of service in Pharmacy. That's important to everyone. The smart and wise person doesn't just 'go with what works. He sticks with what works BEST. So, its just simple logic: I stick with Apothecary because Gulfshore Apothecary Pharmacy is the best. Come to think of it, perhaps I become just a swidge smarter and wiser with each visit and THAT'S why I just cant help but leave the store with a big smile on my face? OK, well, I admit its up for debate how much wiser I'm becoming with each passing day, but this IS true: strolling out of Apothecary, I find myself smiling, ear to ear, and hey, that can't hurt! 5 stars!

One Big Thanks

​ Hello Everyone: Dewey Gargiulo passed away today from his disease of dementia. During the last years my family has counted on all of you to fill his numerous medicines. You did your job very well under what sometimes were not the most pleasant conditions. However you always came through and delivered what we needed. So I want to commended all of you for your efforts and professional attitude. On behalf of my family I would like to offer one big thanks and if anyone thinks you can not perform, please have them call me.
John Gargiulo